The goal is to develop karate school opened to everyone able and willing to train. The students are divided into kids and adults. Both are training separately due to skills and capabilities differences. The minimum age is 7 years old. There is no maximum age. We strive to comprehensively learn all aspects of Kyokushin Karate as a martial art by studying its history, philosophy, Japanese culture and language. Then through regular training we improve our discipline, attention, flexibility, conditioning, and strength to be able to master fighting techniques, defend ourselves, and win in a combat. Each training session lasts approximately 90 - 120 minutes. The basic assumption is that in the dojo we train hard giving 100% from ourselves, focusing on karate, and preserving respectful yet fun and friendly atmosphere. There will be possibilities to join seminars, camps, and tournaments depending on students' advancement, dedication and interest.

After showing enough effort in training and proving theoretical competency the students will have an opportunity to test for a higher rank. The ordered ranks are presented on the picture to the right.   


* It will boost your self esteem and the confidence level.

* Karate teaches discipline.  

* Though training kids improve their concentration, mood, and motor skills. 

* It teaches  women how to physically defend themselves from aggressive behavior.   

* You will overcome the physical and mental limitations, which will help you persevere hardships, and succeed in life.

* You may want to take it to the competitive level and perhaps even go pro some day. 

* You will learn the self defense techniques. 

* Routine training will help you get in shape relatively fast, and loose unwanted pounds.

* It will help you drop unwanted habits such as smoking for example. 

* Some folks consider it the lifestyle, the "way of the warrior", the "bushido". 

* It can be a great hobby or passion and definitely can contrast positively with the routine work or school.

* You will meet and train with others. Sharing the same hobby brings folks closer and is simply fun. 

* The kids can learn discipline and respect towards one another. 

* You will find that it is a good practice enabling you to focus and resist the disrupting noise.

* Both kids and adults can correct their physical disabilities by different methods of exercising and stretching. 

* You will definitely improve your agility, stamina, and strength. 

* I am also trying to incorporate as much Japanese nomenclature as possible. The language, the culture and the philosophy are all related. 

* You will have a chance to participate in international events such as tournaments or seminars organized by the high degree black belts.

* And if you'll consistently train, you'll advance, grow, and hopefully some day you'll become a black belt. It is a working progress. Takes a lot of time and effort, but in time you'll find there is a lot of valuable things to discover and learn through karate. That would be my wish and goal as your Sensei. Osu!      

But whatever the purposes and goals are, there is only one way to find out if karate will work for you, which is physical real practice. I personally have advanced enough to acquire this inner conviction, and it proves every time I enter the dojo and put my gi on. I believe that one can achieve luster through discipline and hard training. I also believe that there are other ways/sports to become accomplished in terms of health, positive attitude, luster. The cool thing about martial arts though is that even though it is an individual discipline you get to train and share with others in a respectful, fun, and friendly atmosphere. So it is very interactive and I believe that is a great way to grow, improve, and develop great personality.    

      Dojo oath

  • We will train our hearts and bodies, for a firm unshaking spirit.

  • We will pursue the true meaning of the Martial Way, so that in time our senses may be alert.

  • With true vigour, we will seek to cultivate a spirit of self-denial

  • We will observe the rules of courtesy, respect our superiors, and refrain from violence.

  • We will follow our religious principles, and never forget the true virtue of humility.

  • We will look upwards to wisdom and strength, not seeking other desires.

  • All our lives, through the discipline of Karate, we will seek to fulfil the true meaning of the   Kyokushin Way.         


      Dojo Kun

  • Hitotsu, ware ware wa, shinshin o renmashi, kak-ko fubatsu no shingi o kiwameru koto.

  • Hitotsu, ware ware wa, bu no shinzui o kiwame, ki ni hasshi, kan ni bin naru koto.

  • Hitotsu, ware ware wa, shitsujitsu goken o mot-te, kok-ki no seishin o kanyo suru koto.

  • Hitotsu, ware ware wa, reisetsu omonji, chyojho o keishi, sobo no furumai o tsutsushimu koto.

  • Hitotsu, ware ware wa, shinbutsu o toutobi, kenjo no bitoku o wazurezaru koto.

  • Hitotsu, ware ware wa, chisei to tairyoku to o kojo sase, koto ni nozonde ayamatazaru koto.

  • Hitotsu, ware ware wa, shogai no shugyo o karate no michi ni tsuji, Kyokushin no michi o  mat-to suru koto.


★★★★★ a month ago

This is an excellent Kyokushin karate dojo with great facilities and equipment. Sensei Wojtek is a talented martial artist that does a great job combining traditional form (kata) with practical techniques and dynamic sparring. I would definitely recommend Great Lakes Kyokushin to anyone interested in practicing martial arts to get in shape and build confidence.

★★★★★ a week ago

This is real karate, NO McDojo for ya!! One can learn effective self defense and better ones self spiritually and physically.
The instructor is really devoted to teaching the physical and metal elements of the art. My son loves the Kyokushin Karate, every session he learns something of value. I love it to; finally started losing lard and getting back into shape. Osu!!

★★★★★ a month ago

Sensei Wojtek is very welcoming, great place to learn karate!!!! 👌

★★★★★ a month ago

Sensei Wojtek is definitely making good progres with my son. He is a good instructor with awesome knowledge.